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Special section: 4YEO original fonts!!!

Each month a new original font for you....
Download the fonts' zip files, and enjoy the animations & icons we created with them!

All fonts on this site are ©, All Rights Reserved.

All fonts on this site are free for personal use only, but they are linkware;
that is, when you use them, please include a link back to 4YEO (

For commercial use (including use on a commercial site), please .

Fonts may be distributed as long as the downloaded zip file is intact,
and any text files included in the downloaded zip are included in the distribution.

No fonts may be included in any CD collections, or resold.

for commercial use click here

-> all MAC conversions of our fonts are possible thanks to Sarah @ FontParty <-

Please remember: personal sites can use these graphics and fonts for FREE,
but they are LINKWARE, meaning you shoud give us credits directly from the page where you used our graphics,
in order to help us spreading our name through the Net >> Linking options here
and remember that who links to us will be linked from our Friends' List>> your URL if you are in

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