Font released by ShyWedge
and rivisited by 4YEO! :)

Download the font (TTF format, zipped) here

And now some words from the Author himself, Shy Fonts

Information about ShyWedge taken from the Font Talks
Name: Derek Vogelpohl
Email: ShyWedge@yahoo.com
Age: 20+
City/State/Country: USA
Pets: Kashyyyk, Wedge, Wiley, Camie, and Sedona (all ferrets). They’re always a handful.
Favorite Music: Ever since I saw Star Wars for the first time in 1977,
I have been completely blown away by the work of John Williams.
His music adds so much more emotion to a film--it’s amazing the different feelings you can achieve through music.
Favorite Movie: Star Wars by far. That movie has been such a source of inspiration for me.
Favorite Book: The Great Gatsby.
Favorite TV Show: Bob Newhart, Mary Tyler Moore, and Dick Van Dyke.
My real job: Independent film composer/screenwriter.

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