GF Ordner Inverted

Font released by GF Fonts
and rivisited by 4YEO! :)

Download GF Ordner Inverted font (TTF format, zipped) here

and visit the GF Fonts' site here!

Some words from Lorenz, from GF Fonts: " GF Ordner is the same type of font like FF Dynamoe.
GF Ordner was scanned from a Dymo labeler- but it is much heavier than
FF Dynamoe by Just van Rossum. I think he used the same machine.
With downloading GF Ordner, you agree to this disclaimer.
GF Fonts - Free Truetype fonts!
You may not distribute, sell, resell, change or modify the fonts
- but you are allowed to upload the fonts onto any site or CD if this disclaimer
is included in the download (readme.txt). Any other means prohibited.
Commercial or corporate use of the free fonts prohibited.
For commercial or corporate use please contact
For more information, see our site at

GF Fonts

4YEO staff thanks you, Lorenz! :)



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