Font released by Pizzadude
and rivisited by 4YEO! :)

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Some words from Jakob, aka Pizzadude:

[ии    that me, jakob fischer aka pizzadude    ии]

" hi there! my name is jakob fischer, also known as 'pizzadude'
i got some mails from people who wondered where the name pizzadude came from,
actually it has got nothing to do with pizzas!
the name comes from a film with tom hanks where a guy cries
'but i just called the pizzadude!'
-so thats where the name came from! 8)

well, i was born in copenhagen, denmark, in october '70
even though i was born in denmark i got a german passport, because my father is german
the only reason why i still got the german possport is so that i could skip the army in denmark!

currently im working in a kindergarten with kids 3-6 years of age, and has been doing that
for the last 5 years. and i have no plans of changing job, because i get a kick out of it! 8)

i have several hobbies, one of them are drawing.

i seldomly draw anything 'naturalistic', i like to draw cartoons (which is a great pleasure for the kids!)
furthermore i skate (when the rainy danish weather allows), enjoy a good novel once in a while,
read comics, take long walks in the nature (what a cliche!), and of course: my computer!
but, the greates one of them is music...i love to draw, but i cant do it without music,
therefore im addicted! must buy at least one cd a week! i just cant resist! 8)

enogh of writing, if you have read all of the above you must have spent
at least a couple of minutes here, so, if you havent seen my fonts yet,
do so now! and remember to spread the word about the pizzadude! 8)

Fonts by PizzaDude

4YEO staff thanks you, Jakob! :)



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